Stage Lights

 The ultra-portable Chauvet 4BAR Flex gives you a complete 4-light LED fixture that you can easily integrate into the lighting system you already have. Built into a single standalone fixture, the 4BAR Flex features four individual wash lights, each loaded with 108 individual red, green, and blue LEDs. It's like having four fixtures in one! The 4BAR Flex is completely DMX controllable too and can also run beat-synced preset programs in sound-active mode 

State Of The Art Sound

 We offer powered line-array speakers and sub-woofers capable of handling audiences in small or large venues. 

Stages & Runways

 All terrain stage perfect for outdoor concerts, performances, fashion show runways and large exhibits, this stage is the ultimate in versatility and ruggedness. Consisting of lightweight aluminum truss frames and modular adjustable legs that can be adjusted to bring your stage to the perfect height regardless of sloping or uneven ground. Each platform can bear weight up to 260 lbs./square foot